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With so much junk produced by “modern civilisation” thrown onto garbage tips, it is far past the right time for “modern civilisation” to give up its OPEN PIT mines and conduct the majority of all resource extraction from the OPEN TIP recycling centres.


On May Day, Friday 1 May 2009, a group of activists from

  • Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN)
  • The Wilderness Society (TWS)
  • Friends of the Earth (FoE Clean Futures Collective)

and some other Greens, staged a protest and mock counter release of BHP’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) at the front doors of BHP Adelaide 55 Grenfell Street.

This was the day BHP submitted its EIS to the South Australian Government for a VERY SHORT 14 week review, before commencing mass environmental genocide in Australia, and possibly the rest of the world, on a scale that has never happened before.

BHP will attempt to extract about ONE MILLION TONNES of Radioactive Ore A DAY for export to China and Russia and any other nation or group foolish enough to want the toxic Olympic Dam stuff.

On the very next day I was standing at a bus stop a few corners away from the BHP building.

I felt a tremendous wallop to my back side and I lurched forward. A screwball skinhead had come up behind and delivered a kick to my lower back but my sturdy butt had cushioned some of the blow.

If this had happened to anyone frail, it might have given them a broken spine or broken sternum or other injury.

This attack was “unprovoked” and I have no knowledge or acquaintence of the skinhead or what their motive was, although there was some drug addict (alcoholic) drinking nearby at the time.

The skinhead, dressed in black, was accompanied by a larger white male jerk in a business suit and some woman in business dress.

As the screwball skinhead departed, walking with his business-like friends, I called out to remind them

“What Goes Around Comes Around”

This attack, my first in several decades, is PERHAPS connected to my part in the Anti-BHP Anti-Uranium protest on the previous day, May Day Friday 1 May 2009.

My conscience is free of pain if offensive skinheads are victims of their war against Asia or the Middle East.

I know full well that I have had a lifetime of being harrassed, intimidated, abused, mentally and emotionally tortured, and occasionally punched or kicked by skinhead screwballs.

Now please escuse me for a few moments while I have prayerful meditation, full of intense love, sympathy and support for the Semitic Arab and Semitic Iranian People in the Middle East and Asia, as they are continually threatened and attacked by the skinhead screwball fascist racist Evil Empire.

Offence deaths in Iraq rise sharply in May

NO Mines Australia

The South Australian Museum in the city of Adelaide hosts a Science Week of displays about scientific endeavours.

SA Science Week 2008

From the 16 August to 24 August 2008 a full range of displays were enjoyed by interested children, families and school groups.

Unfortunately, one of the exhibitors, the French nuclear giant AREVA, had set up a display that portrayed Nuclear Energy in comic book form, to make it more appealing to gullible naive children or adults.

We were alarmed by the large pile of these expensive Nuclear comic books.

We considered removing the propaganda pamphlets from public view but decided to let the Public see for itself how ridiculous AREVA is in the Nuclear arena.

A little later we spoke to the AREVA representative at the table.

We pointed out our commitment and connection to Greenpeace, the environmental organisation that had its pro-environment ship, The Rainbow Warrior, sunk at Auckland, New Zealand, by French secret service agents scuba divers in July 1985, due to antiNuclear activities by antiNuclear Greenpeace.  (This resulted in a murder of at least one person.)

At some point in the conversation we predicted the southwest Pacific to be headed for major environmental disaster because of the proposed BHP Olympic Dam Uranium mine, other Uranium mines and mass mindless mining in general.

We pointed out that BHP was a major criminal in the destruction of the Fly River system in Papua due to the Ok Tedi gold mine at the top of the Fly River in the Papuan highlands.

For some strange reason, or nonreason, the French AREVA table sponsor said that the overall effect of the Ok Tedi gold mine on the Fly River was inconsequential.

To this we sharply remarked that the so-called “Ok” Tedi gold and copper mine

  • destroyed the second largest river system in East Papua,
  • depleted the livelihood for many tens of thousands of Papua People living along the Fly River
  • and that

  • acid rock drainage or leaching would result in heavy metal toxic poisoning of the Fly River and Fly River delta for many tens of thousands of years.

Over the period of SA Science Week we kept close tabs on the French AREVA display stand and noted it to be empty most of the time. We wanted to re-engage the AREVA representative and make some part of AREVA acknowledge the massive amount of destruction that has happened to the Pacific region due to human nuclear deviationism.  But AREVA had withdrawn staffing of its display table and boards for the remainder of SA Science Week.

However, we did notice that immediately after countering the AREVA rejection of environmental concern, a large number of French military personal had been wounded and slain in Afghanistan, a place where the French and EuroSoviet militaries have NO rightful business whatsoever.

Czarkozy in Afghanistan after deadly attack on French soldiers

NO Mines Australia

International Corporate Mining Monsters such as BHP have committed

    MAJOR Crimes Against Nature

Some major murders by mining operations have occurred at

  • Ok Tedi Gold Mine in Papua (death of Fly River)
  • Olympic Dam Roxby Downs (planetary uranium radioactive death pit)

Join us to END Mining by World Corporate / World Government Criminals.